iChoose discussion

Basic idea

A story that allows the user to choose their path through it.

Choice Point Guidelines

The smallest story that we would like to present is about 30 choices from begging to end.
Each Choice has:
1) Title (under 40 characters)
2) Image (Optional)
3) Description (the meat of the text)
4) 0-4 buttons to navigate to choices

These stories need to vetted by Apple, so we need to keep things in bounds. Unfortunately I don’t really know what the bounds are.
I have a guess that if we keep things to a PG rating (R for violence) we should be fine.

I am looking at two payment models (need to flesh out for illustrated stories):
1) Cash $150-300 per story we own the results.
2) Profit participation. Not sure the numbers here. Maybe a $50 “advance” and a %15 net profit?

Authoring Tools

There are two types of tools that I anticipate being available to the author:
1) A way to visualize content as / after you have written an individual choice point.
2) A way to visualize the “tree” of choices.

I am actively working on the first, and will be working on the second in a couple of weeks.


Novella / Fiction
Young Adult
Science Fiction / Fantasy

Potential Authors



Local talent

No names yet

Known Talent

Elizabeth George (Mystery)
Steven King (Horror)

Charity Talent

Al Gore (Climate)


A node map for a choose your own adventure book.