Rest Now Help

Rest Now is a very simple program to remind you to take a break.

The preferences allow you to set the amount of time to work, and how long to snooze.

Work Time is in minutes, and defaults to 60.
Snooze Time is in % of Work time, and is defaulted to 10%

The “Restart” button will start counting a new work time
The “Snooze” button will set the time to the percent of work time.

When the work time is up the widow resizes to fill the screen.
Two new buttons appear

“I’m Resting” This will bring up a window with a nice picture for a few minutes ( set in preferences ).

“Give me a nother minute...” This will reset the timer for some portion of the original time ( set in preferences ).

The main window will remember it’s size and location when you quit, so it is best not to quit when it has taken over the whole screen.

If you have Internet Access then the “About” window will allow you to send e-mail, or go to our web site.