Happy Hippie Help

You start with two hippies, and are trying to build it to 8 (set that way to play test, and never set to a higher number).
Happy hippies need beer and food. Food must be grown and cooked, beer must be brewed. in order to grow food (there are chicken pens and carot bushes) you click on a hippie, and click on an empty row (or pen). The row will be planted (or chickens added to the pen). In a bit they will start to turn borwn, water them by clicking on the hippie, then the row. at some point they will bear fruit (or eggs), harvest by clicking on a hippie and then on the row.

To cook food (or brew beer) the process is slightly different. To cook you must have: Clean Dishes, and Prepared food. As dirty dishes pile up, click on a hippie, then the sink. As food piles up click on the counter and it will prep the food. After you have both clean dishes, and prepped food you can click on the stove to cook food. When you do the food meter will increase.

The same process works for beer (wash bottles, prep grain, then brew beer).

In the top center of the screen there is a smiley face (at least we hope it is smiling) which indicates the overall level of happiness of the commune. I the commune stays happy, then more hippies join.