Sunday Search Help

Sunday Search is a word find game similar to those found in a Sunday News Paper.
Find the words listed on the right -- you select a word by clicking on its first and last letters.
Found words will be crossed off the hint list.
If the word is a real word (3 letters or more), but not on the list, you will be awarded bonus points.
If the word is not a real word, then the circling will go away.

There are two play modes:

  1. Timed: How many words can you find in 7 minutes?
  2. Time Trials: How long does it take to find all of the hints?
  3. Untimed: Relax, there is no pressure here.

If you want to make an extra challenge you can turn off the list of hints (in the preferences)

Sound level can be set in the preferences, or muted.

You can see the high score list by clicking on the face of the watch.

Puzzels are randomly created from a word list.